3 Reasons to Take Villanova University’s Online Taxation Degree


Pennsylvania is home to many great universities including Villanova University. Villanova was opened in 1842 and currently has six colleges and 10,000 students.

Each college has an array of degrees, but the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law stands out from the crowd with its master of law in taxation degree.

Villanova’s online Master of law in taxation degree is one of the most highly sought after law degrees that is offered by the school- but what makes it so popular? Here are a few reasons that students take the program.  

Completion time and flexibility

The degree can be achieved in as little as 18 months if students take at least one course per term. The program has three 16-week semesters per school year and each semester is divided into two 8-week terms. The program is flexible, as it can be completed 100% online from the comfort of the student’s home or work office.

Career opportunities

After achieving the degree, students can enter into the working world and put their knowledge to good use. Students can expect to find jobs in accounting and financial advisory. Some students also get jobs working as financial officers.

Useful electives

Electives are thought of as being fun classes, but in the case of the M.S law in taxation degree, they are more useful than they are fun. Each elective offers additional knowledge that can be put to work in a successful graduate’s career. Electives can include classes like international tax, employee benefits, tax procedure, and executive compensation.