Is It Financial Stress That’s Causing Your Health Problems

Financial stress is something to be taken seriously. Too much stress can lead to health-related diseases and other harmful conditions. The worry of having money to eat and keeping a roof over your head is more dangerous than you might realize. Too much of it can be life-threatening or result in conditions that could be fatal. Take a look at this quiz by to know if you are suffering from finance-related stress as well. The earlier you know about it, the better. Circumstances wherein financial stress increases include job loss, debts, medical costs, etc.

However, stress should not be associated with professional life and adults only. Even students can have stress related to finance when they find themselves in a situation where affording an education is becoming a challenge for them. What makes matters worse is the fact that this type of stress makes the person lose focus and take less interest in family matters, making it hard to come out of financial struggles. Being stressed over finances over a long period can result in depression and anxiety. Anxiety and depression come with thoughts of doom, i.e., you feel as though something very wrong is about to happen to you.

Anxiety can lead to even severer physical reactions such as excessive sweating, increased heartbeat, and trembling. If left untreated, they can lead to even more dangerous and chronic conditions such as diabetes. Not to mention, the constant irritable mood that comes with stress and depression results in frequent arguments with your spouse and other people around you. A poll in the US revealed that 1 out of every 5 Americans would keep transactions as large as $500 from their spouse. When such hidden truths are revealed, the result is more fights and more arguments.

If you are experiencing any of the physical conditions, mental experiences and family life disasters as mentioned above, you should take the Health IQ quiz and find out if it’s financial stress that’s causing all of this. For more finance related and a variety of other quizzes, visit Health If it is confirmed that you have finance-related stress, seek doctor’s help as soon as possible.

Personal Finance Online: Goal Setting In School

‘Personal Finance Online’ was not possible when I was at school in Belfast, Ireland – mainly because there was no real internet either used or taught. I don’t even think I was taught about goal setting in school either, not directly at least – I mean, no-one sat me down and showed me a template or explained the details behind goals motivation theory or anything like that.

In fact, my teachers never taught me about personal finance, online or otherwise, but the indirect lessons I learned about goal setting in school, from the complex rules of the playground, sport and even chasing girls, actually left me well placed to set goals and create my own way to create goals. Albeit not actually inside a real framework at all.

After all, it became second nature to choose what I wanted to achieve, and stubbornly do anything to get it – exams, trophies, even friends with cars.

I never was an Educator, but I hold them in very high regard – they have such a lot of responsibility to shape the minds of our children.

Belfast, where I grew up, had teachers, professors and kindergarten nurseries just like any other place, each with their own view of personal finance and never shared with students or even each other. Educators today have so much more opportunity to shape the health of this nation because they can use tools to teach personal finance online

How I Learned Goal Setting In School

From an early age, life was not easy in Belfast. There was no such thing as a free lunch, and if a kid wanted to have ‘stuff’ then that kid had to go to the bank of Mom and Dad, go without, or get a job.

I took a job as a paperboy.

I’d set times for the round, and race myself against the clock, lost in imagination. I’d see how many smiling visits it took to secure tips at Christmas, and I made sure all my customers knew about my birthday, well in advance.

In School, I knew the bus timetable and the exact time it took to the stop from every single exit from the school so I could time my journey.

I was a fiercely competitive sports wannabe in Athletics, so became used to goal setting in school for weight, speed, time, strength and timetables – everything was measured, everything focused on goal achievement.

What Has Goal Setting In School Got To Do With Personal Finance Online?

At first glance, nothing really links these things together, but actually, now that it is possible to do personal finance online, then I actually believe that schools should be taking the lead in teaching the kids all about it. They should be teaching Financial Goal Setting In School right alongside all the other achievement and assessment methodologies.

You see, as a kid, goal setting is all about getting what you want, striving for something desired and the recognition that comes with getting it, achievement of goals.

As an adult, these same emotional and psychological drivers can be used in improving this country’s personal finance – online. It is cheaper, easier, consistent and instant.

Adults in our country have little or idea either about goal setting or personal finance – while our kids grow up online. Teaching personal finance online makes absolute sense.

Just Say No To Public Financing Of Stadiums

Sports is truly big in America. People get a great deal of fun and excitement out of it. Sports is a great distraction from real life with its statistics and never-ending discussions. Unfortunately, owners of teams know the love affair people have with their teams and look to take advantage of it. Public financing for stadiums is one way to do that.

The Florida Marlins have been a pretty successful baseball team winning two World Series within ten years. Such success was alleged to be a lynchpin in looking for funding for a stadium. They were slapped for such assumptions. The Florida legislature said they would not back a financing plan for the Marlins. They have talked to other cities as well regarding public funding with little luck. The New York Yankees have done similar things looking to build a stadium on Manhattan away from the Bronx which is their current location. They were shot down as well.

Recent studies have confirmed a fatigue with public financing for stadiums. It just is not worth it. The economic advantages for the host city are less and less. The internet and cable television have made everything far closer; you can see a game anywhere in any city through such creations. Do you really need a stadium?

Also, the greed is simply out-in-the-open now. People making $50,000 a year paying costs for billionaire owners to house millionaire players is a sham. The players have proven they don’t care which city they play in, just the one paying the most. Why should a fan go out of his way and take more dough out of his pocket for this sort of thing? He should not.
At the very least, there should be some sort of reward for public funding. How about the team making sure ticket prices remain in the bottom ten? That would be both rewarding and gracious. Instead, we often get owners who raise ticket prices almost immediately. Gee, thanks for the support, Mr. Billionaire.

Sports is a business, often a sleazy one. The stupidity of saying, “This is my team” is beyond childlike. They are not your team and don’t really care about you, either. If an owner wants to come to your town or expand in your town, let him build it himself. If public financing is sought, seek out your own advantages. Otherwise you are just another sucker spending into oblivion.

Significant Features That Make a Sports Car Different

Sports cars are one of the most popular vehicles on the road right now. This is because a sports or a fast car provides the most impressive performance when it comes to speed. As a matter of fact, this type of car is considered as the most appropriate vehicle that defines a man’s need for speed.

However, there is a great possibility that car finders might not recognize the differences of a high-performance car from a sportier version of the cheap new car models. This could possibly happen since a sportier version of a sedan or any other car types that are usually purchased through auto financing and are just as powerful and attractive as a fast car.

Due to this, new car finders who want to buy a sports car should seek the needed car advice or conduct an extensive car research about these high performance vehicles, so as to avoid buying a sportier sedan or coupe. Some of the features that make this car different from other vehicles are the following.

1. Sports cars are lightweight

The most significant feature that makes a sports or high-performance car different from sportier versions of a sedan or coupe is its weight. Sports cars are built to travel at extremely high speeds and this is the reason why car makers reduce the vehicle’s weight. By doing this, the speed of the vehicle is maximized since the engine could easily propel its body due to its lighter weight.

2. Sports cars are lower in height

Another distinguishing feature of this type of car that makes it different from other vehicles is its height. This type of vehicle is lower in height and is closer to the ground. Due to this, the vehicle provides a bumpy ride when driven on an uneven road.

However, high-performance cars are equipped with high-performance brakes and tires that ensure its stability even when driven at extreme speeds. The height also helps the car in delivering an extreme running performance since this reduces the effects of the wind against the vehicle.

4. Sports cars have more powerful and larger engines

Checking the vehicle’s engine is also a good way to determine if it is a high-performance car or just a sportier version of a sedan or a coupe. Fast cars are usually powered by a V8 or a V-12 engine. This type of vehicle therefore can be considered as gas guzzlers due to its larger engine. In fact, a sport car’s average fuel economy is somewhere around 15 miles per gallon or even less.

Aside from the size of the engine, the engine layout is also a good indicator to determine if a vehicle is a sports car or not. These vehicle’s engines are mounted on the mid-section of each car in order to evenly distribute their weight. Given this, buyers could easily identify a sports car by just looking on the engine layout.

Careers For People Who Have A Sports Management Degree

There is a wider assortment of college majors now than ever before, providing students with great options. One major that rose to popularity during the 1990s was sports management. This field of study applies business principles to the industry of sports. Students study both sports and business topics and when they graduate with a sports management degree, they have some exciting career options.

Courses in management, accounting, economics, computer applications, and marketing are included in the program. The sports management courses focus on facility management, business aspects of sport within culture, sports information, and interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional sports. Also included are courses on sport marketing, law, finances, and ethics. These classes prepare students for the competitive sector of sport management.

Community sport program director, facilities coordinator, athletic business manager, compliance director, and director of ticketing and finance are a few common positions. It is likely that the manager of a fitness facility graduated from a sports management program. An intramural director of college or university recreation usually has at least a bachelor’s degree in sports management. Semi-pro and professional athletes often have a business manager and this individual often studied the topic.

Though job responsibilities vary depending on area of the industry, level within the hierarchy, and type of organization, there are some commonalities. Each position involves a business aspect of sport and usually requires a 50 to 60 hour workweek, including weekend and night work. The individual may work with a corporation regarding sponsorship or promotion of a special event. He or she could also perform tasks involving financial operations, ticketing, and accounting. Some graduates deal with legal issues within the industry, while others are involved in media relations and broadcasting.

Many of these duties require hands-on work, making it necessary for students to do at least one internship during their period of study in order to gain experience. Upon graduation, people can expect to earn somewhere in the low $20,000 range working for a minor league organization, while major league salaries are higher, with a director of marketing position commanding about $77,000 annually.

A sports management degree can open the door to an exciting career. Benefits of this sector include the chance to work with others who have a love of sports. This industry has experienced enormous growth over the past decade and continued expansion is expected. Graduates can work in positions within education, for sports franchises, in arena management, or as sports agents, to name a few options.