Is It Financial Stress That’s Causing Your Health Problems

Financial stress is something to be taken seriously. Too much stress can lead to health-related diseases and other harmful conditions. The worry of having money to eat and keeping a roof over your head is more dangerous than you might realize. Too much of it can be life-threatening or result in conditions that could be fatal. Take a look at this quiz by to know if you are suffering from finance-related stress as well. The earlier you know about it, the better. Circumstances wherein financial stress increases include job loss, debts, medical costs, etc.

However, stress should not be associated with professional life and adults only. Even students can have stress related to finance when they find themselves in a situation where affording an education is becoming a challenge for them. What makes matters worse is the fact that this type of stress makes the person lose focus and take less interest in family matters, making it hard to come out of financial struggles. Being stressed over finances over a long period can result in depression and anxiety. Anxiety and depression come with thoughts of doom, i.e., you feel as though something very wrong is about to happen to you.

Anxiety can lead to even severer physical reactions such as excessive sweating, increased heartbeat, and trembling. If left untreated, they can lead to even more dangerous and chronic conditions such as diabetes. Not to mention, the constant irritable mood that comes with stress and depression results in frequent arguments with your spouse and other people around you. A poll in the US revealed that 1 out of every 5 Americans would keep transactions as large as $500 from their spouse. When such hidden truths are revealed, the result is more fights and more arguments.

If you are experiencing any of the physical conditions, mental experiences and family life disasters as mentioned above, you should take the Health IQ quiz and find out if it’s financial stress that’s causing all of this. For more finance related and a variety of other quizzes, visit Health If it is confirmed that you have finance-related stress, seek doctor’s help as soon as possible.

Asian Shares Skyrocketed – The Biggest Change in over Five Years!

Thanks to Europe and the United States oil’s longest stretch that favored Asian shares to the sky. However, this impact was only in Europe and the United States as markets in Seoul were shaken by a missile launched by North Korea.

According to MSCI’s broadest index Asia-Pacific shares went up till 0.3 percent, Japan’s Nikkei went till 0.4 percent, and South Korea’s KOSPI noticed a hike of 0.1 percent lower. The impact was not bounded up till here instead the KOSPI also noticed 0.4 percent drop and the South Korean got an opportunity to won 0.3 percent when North Korea had launched a missile. Looking to this factor, South Korean President Moon Jae-in called a meeting of the National Security Council. Their currency had shaken and went down by 0.1 percent. Also, Australian shares enjoyed 1.65 percent hike, which was far better than previous two sessions.

As per Wall Street, there was a great benefit to companies. The S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw gains of 0.2 percent and 0.6 percent. However, the Nasdaq had lost its chance to 0.5 percent. This was because of an error in Nasdaq’s computer systems which was caused by the change in prices of Amazon Inc, Microsoft Corp, and Apple Inc shares. Google parent Alphabet Inc and eBay Inc were also no different from these companies.

Their shares also were priced at $123.47. Despite all this, actual prices of the stocks were not affected and no trades were made on the quoted prices.